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I'm originally from Scottsdale, AZ, but I currently live in Durham, NC, where I'm a sophomore at Duke University. I'm majoring in Computer Science with minors in Arabic and Religion.

During my freshman year at Duke, I was fortunate to be accepted to the Middle East and Islam in Global Contexts FOCUS Cluster. This rich academic program, alongside Arabic coursework, sparked my interest in the Middle East. I was able to leverage this experience by participating in DukeEngage Jordan the following summer.

Throughout my nine-week stay in Amman, Jordan, I had the honor of working as an intern for the Justice Center for Legal Aid, the largest legal aid provider in Jordan. Outside of my work at the JCLA, I volunteered with a local charity to provide aid to Syrian refugees in the city of Mafraq. I hope to continue to use my skills to contribute to projects in the Middle East, improve Arabic language learning tools for English speakers, and foster a better understanding of the Arab World in the United States.

In my sophomore year at Duke, I rediscovered my passion for programming that began in high school and declared my major as Computer Science. I'm looking to expand my portfolio, so please contact me if you're seeking programmers for a project.

Outside of the classroom, I've played saxophone, flute, and clarinet for over ten years, performing with a variety of jazz and classical ensembles. At Duke I've continued to nurture my creative side by joining the Duke University Jazz Ensemble and the Duke University Marching and Pep Band, in which I currently serve as treasurer. Through the Duke Marching and Pep Band I've been able to perform at numerous football and basketball games and travel the country with Duke's nationally-competitive teams.

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