How To Download Google Drive Files From Owner's Trash

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I was recently digging through some of my emails and found a Google Drive link to an old computer science project I’d done in high school. When I clicked on it, I was greeted with the message, “No preview available. File is in owner’s trash.” with no option to download the file. You can see for yourself at this link.

A quick search uncovered a surprising exploit.1 I could download this file from the owner’s trash by replacing parts of the URL. You can see the result at this link.

I wrote a simple Python script that you can use from the command line instead fixing the links manually, which you can find here on my GitHub.

You can also find the project itself on my Github, along with a demo video in the README. It was fun to look at code of mine from so long ago, and I’m glad I was able to download the file without bothering my old CS teacher, but I hope this vulnerability doesn’t cause any widespread privacy issues for Google Drive users.


Max Bartlett

Max Bartlett

Software Engineer

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